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Why Virtual Reality Training is an efficient approach?

The unprecedented explosion in the amount of information we are generating and collecting, thanks to the arrival of the internet and the ...

Speedup Training Process with Real-Time Object Detection Solution

This Machine Learning Glossary aims to briefly introduce the most important Machine Learning terms - both for the commercially and...
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Leveraging Extended Reality (XR) for Impactful User Journeys

The advent of digital era and the scope for rapid innovation will see Virtual Reality and Extended Reality combine to present a better experience to the customers engaged by diverse verticals and service areas. For instance, customers can develop the same impression of a product in a virtual world identical to that in a physical […]
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Imaginx CEO Girish revolutionizes Higher Education with XR content integration on Canvas

Imaginx, an AVR company, is revolutionizing Higher Education by integrating XR content on the Canvas platform through AVR. Faculty can organize and align XR content with their course catalogue structure, enabling students to access and view topic specific XR content within Canvas for a more engaging and effective learning experience. Girish Prabhu, the CEO of […]

imaginX Collaborates to Offer Enriched Learning Experiences for Canvas Users

With emerging possibilities for using VR for several use-cases such as Higher Education, imaginX will help clients integrate exclusive XR content with Canvas as an outcome of close collaboration between the entities. It will drive an “on-the-edge” perspective for enriched choices in learning aligned with the Canvas offering.   With newer dimensions in course levels […]


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