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Virtual Control and Calibration:

The Platform-as-a-solution offers an end-to-end simulation and calibration for all modules of learning, giving real-world simulated setting of components in the virtual teaching and learning universe. The setup can conjoin with various industry standard LMS platforms and standard tools to offer a rejuvenated experience. As a wholesome solution, we help clients with the setup roadmap, consulting, deployment, and continuous support. With virtual control and calibration, the ixPaaS platform facilitates periodic calibration at each stage – along with powertrain tests – to ratify fine-tuned environment and desired simulation of conditions for performance levels that align closest with reality. 

Color and Text Correction Editor:

The iXPaaS framework offers an unmatched selection and view for true fine-tuning in terms of visuals and text rendering. It allows learners and users of the LMS to eliminate text-to-graphics discrepancy and fix issues concerning text with the learning objectives.

It helps in creating intuitive, error-free, and engaging XR content for the learner. With new methods of text rendering and introducing minute graphic edits and even introducing color-coded animation, the ixPaaS Color and Text Editor offers a range of quick interfaces and typefaces.

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