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A comprehensive peer-to-peer solution facilitates online collaboration for learners and faculty tied to a particular program. Users can extend the learning experience by leveraging imaginX’s robust XR Networking platform. Build an extended learning community with powerful and immersive collaboration across network peers.


The XR Networking feature is backed with avatars that can interact using support for complex non-verbal expressions, such as hand gesture, facial expression, and body language.

Peer to Peer Group Setting:

To boost or enhance the scope of networking with powerful groups by setting right parameters for learning. The iX platform also offers flexibility to leverage a P2P network to distribute VR-based learning modules in the form of video feeds across the group setting. By distributing videos across multiple computers or nodes, the network is able to deliver a large volume of XR-powered learning content across individual users or nodes.

Global Network:

The platform offers scalability to leverage XR Networking to operate as a global network and deliver learning or training experiences at the speed of light.

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