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This platform from imaginX will ensure a seamless process in training with an XR-powered immersive experience and learner involvement.The entire framework is akin to wholesome out-of-box VR experience created for targeted end-to-end training functions. The XR-powered platform could also shorten the duration of training delivery from several months to about just a few weeks or even days. With new initiatives from iX, the iXTrain platform can be bundled with off-the-shelf content for bundled benefits.


A single sign-on facilitates user authentication from partner LMS platforms and syncing of external accounts for performance. It offers users flexibility, drives efficiency, and improves usability of training modules.

API Integration:

Execute well-managed API calls to facilitate information sharing to drive cross-platform XR learning processes.


All-in-one view to plan, schedule, execute, and run training programs for the pool of candidates or trainees


Evaluate training results and assign grades based on different levels of understanding. The grading and comprehensive reporting framework allow real-time evaluation and assessment.

The auto-grading software bundled with iXTrain is capable of evaluating the outcomes of training by assigning grades to learners based on simple yet and intuitive tests. The auto-grading feature assigns grades and qualifies the learner based on the rating obtained with real-time grades at the end of program.

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