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At imaginX, we don’t just develop modern advancements like Augmented and Virtual reality, but we strive to make it easily usable across all Industry landscapes. Broadcasting services with cutting technology is not the solution but structuring them as a part of your everyday use and operations is the key to realize the true return on investments.

We are not a product company but a long-term partner that thrives with your ongoing success. We associate ourselves with your team to ensure stability and scalability so that you can be on a path, conducive to enhancements.

Our Core Offerings

  • Install and set-up the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality lab (‘Interactive XR lab’).
  • Provide all software and applications required to deliver top notch VR and AR experience.
  • Create course content that will help faculty (trainers) teach students/employees/interns in AR and VR environment.
  • Convert single dimensional training content into interactive virtual content.
  • Integrate AR and VR solutions with existing Learning Management System(s) for a centralized content management, secure access, analytics, and much more
  • Provide necessary training to end users including staff, content developers, and members of faculty.
  • Provide expert guidance of the best talent in each market segment to align with each project.
Our Core Offerings
“Our faculty and students have the right tools for an Immersive and Blended Learning experience – thanks to the imaginX’s immersive learning solution that includes a Virtual Augmented Reality Lab and an AVR application that works across all platforms and integrates with our LMS.”
- Principal, Nathan Hale High School, Tulsa Public Schools
Dr. Sheila Riley
“imaginX created an Augmented Virtual Reality Mobile Application that helped us in training and working on the control-valve. It saves time and energy of physically dismantling the valve every time we need to train our team. This application combines the virtual and physical world.”
- Vice President – Product Development, Apergy Corporation
Rohit Robinson
“It is a great pleasure to work with imaginX and its affiliated companies. We look forward to discuss further on the use of new technology solutions like AR VR for the enhancement of our teaching and learning experiences for faculty and students.”
- CTO and ctcLink Project Director, Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
Christy Campbell

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