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October 4, 2021

Tyler Pitts

AR, VR, Education, Immersive Learning

We are pleased to introduce a new feature on our app that has been highly requested… Audio lectures!  Even if there are students that primarily learn visually, it has been proven through many studies that by reading and hearing words at the same time, people are much more likely to remember whatever was presented to them.  By combining the two alongside an interactive 3D model, students will be able to remember information much more vividly than what would be possible via a simple picture and words in a textbook. 


This has even more impact when you factor in our AR and VR modes and the fact that all of this is self-paced learning!  For example, if there are students that can’t read words very well, the audio feature allows them to still understand what each label is pointing to by viewing it in VR.  Another example; students that have ADHD can move around the entire model and play around with it while hearing all about every part they interact with in AR.  With this new feature, students can choose whatever experience they find the most engaging and learn various concepts via the best possible method for them!



Tyler Pitts

Tyler Pitts

Lead AR & VR Programmer

Tyler Pitts, has over 6 years of hands-on experience in software development using a wide variety of programming languages, some of which include HTML, Java, JavaScript, CSS, C#, .NET, Python, and Perl.

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