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We have solutions that can make your training sessions much more fun and engaging. Our Real-time object detection solution reduces the time it takes for the learner to connect the dots between learning and retention. AR technology is benefitting various industries in their training process by creating an immersive and consistent training experience, thus accelerating knowledge retention. Object Detection Solution of Augmented Reality enables learners to identify shapes and forms of real-life objects in ‘spaces captured by mobile devices.’ Here, learners can scan a 3D real-world object and generate a 3D digital image of it using an AR app. The feature descriptor algorithm of the app recognizes the object and details out the information about the parts of the object. Further, learners can also interact with the 3D digital model through the same app. Real-time object detection solution creates an experiential learning environment by reducing safety risks for the manufacturing sector trainees. Moreover, it creates a space where learners can explore various parts of that object, dismantle & re-assemble it and do numerous other activities, that is required to boost the learner’s engagement. Let’s understand the technicalities behind a Real-time Object Detection Solution.

What is Real-Time Object Detection Solution?

imaginX has built an Augmented Reality app that scans objects like complex machinery and production equipment to provide a dissected view. The type of technology used behind this app enables every worker on the manufacturing floor to understand precisely about each piece of equipment & parts of all the complex machinery within a safe environment.

How does the Real-Time Object Detection Solution work for training?

• The application will generate a 3D digital image of the object, originally scanned for reference image through mobile or tablet.
• The feature detector algorithm in the app will establish a correspondence between both the digital and real-life images of the object. Once the 3D digital image is overlayed on the 3D real-world object, the AR app with the help of AI/ML will provide a dissected view of the object through a 3D simulated model attached to the real-world object.
• Now, the trainees can learn, interact with the object, and even safely dismantle & assemble the parts of the 3D simulated model without physically touching the object.

Advanced features of imaginX’s Real-Time Object Detection Solution

Manufacturing companies are looking for immersive and engaging training solutions where onboarded employees can be trained in plant layouts, machine design, product designs, and other similar concepts.

imaginX’s real-time object detection solution is reshaping the training process for manufacturing companies’ employees to reduce the rate of errors on the job by creating a safe environment and training them in QA and complex assemblies.

The application also creates a digital simulation for maintaining complex machinery parts effortlessly. Other features that make imaginX’s Real-time object detection a stand-apart AR solution in the training process, are as below:

• 360-degree view- Learn with endless possibilities with a 360-degree view of the object and seamlessly work on the multiple layers of the product while interacting with it.
• Simulation- Learners can experience simulation via 3D visualization. The application design is completely human-centric, backed by intuitive UI to provide an exceptional user experience.
• Twin Modes- The app enables twin modes in the application. Identify mode assist learners to identify every part of the object while in Practice mode, learners can safely and seamlessly dismantle and assemble the parts of the equipment.
• Device Compatibility- It is compatible with every device, such as mobile devices, gear VR, google cardboards, and HMD devices.

Benefits of imaginX real-time object detection solution

Better time to market- Today’s fast-paced competitive market requires agility in meeting the needs of the end customers. imaginX innovative and technology-backed solution prepares learners in a short time to deliver requirements at a much faster rate. It also creates a spatial representation of highly complex machinery that provides employees with on-job support, thus creating zero disruption.

Reduced safety risk- There is zero propensity to endanger trainees on the training floor. The real-time object detection solution enables learners to receive high-quality training without physically putting themselves at risk.

Highly Interactive & engaging session- Employees engage more when learning happens in an immersive gamified version. AR technology through real-time object detection solutions provides a highly improved quality of training courses with increased quality of learning and performance among learners.

Skilled workforce with high learning retention- The solution fills in the gap of learning & advanced learning of complex machinery. The real-time object detection solutions train employees in the precise learning of complex machinery. It is beneficial for microlearning as it emphasizes on single object and process, thus expanding the capabilities of the workforce.

Ready to transform your training process?

If you want to learn more about Real-Time Object Detection solutions, we encourage you to check out more resources on all our cutting-edge solutions or get started by consulting our innovation team.

Our ongoing goal is to assist organizations in creating real-world learning scenarios with acceptable risks and affordable costs. Our VR training solutions “overcome” limitations, enabling the design and develop impossible scenarios to virtually insert learners for highly realistic learning.

- Girish Prabhu, CEO, imaginX

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