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We work with you to create your AR & VR Roadmap

If you are looking to incorporate AR/VR based educational, informational and instructional materials into your learning, training or job programs, allow imaginX to assess your needs and draw up a strategic roadmap for you. We will ensure your journey to AR and VR landscape is smooth, affordable and easily scalable.

AR & VR Roadmap

XR (or extended reality) is an umbrella term for AR, VR and MR and represents all forms of human-machine interactions generated by computer technology, various wearables and digital content.

Deploying Models

Deploying Models

Deploying Models

Key Aspects of our Assessment Services

We perform a comprehensive assessment of your AR/VR needs.

XR Goals

Identify the business goals and objectives of implementing AR/VR solutions

Focus Areas

Identify and prioritize the areas where XR experiences need to be created (for e.g., training, learning, product promotions, job performance)

Hardware Preference

Integrate the content with various device-specific applications and validate with target users.

XR Content

Gather preferred course topics, modules or subject matter that need to be digitized for XR experience

XR Experiences

Finalize the specific AR/VR applications to be created, the need to integrate them with other enterprise applications and the deployment patterns

User Adoption

Assess the organizational readiness and create a plan consisting of trainings and materials to aid in faster user adoption

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