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Through our Digital Asset Library, you have access to an extensive repository of detailed 3D assets and comprehensive 360-degree environments for exceptional XR experience. You can browse through different categories and choose the topics you want to experience in AR/VR.

Digital Asset Library

Library of 3D Models and 360-degree environments for exceptional XR experience

Deploying Models

Deploying Models

Deploying Models

Features of our Digital Asset Library

Hundreds of digital assets created to help you learn, train and perform

Vast Library

Includes hundreds of 3D assets that can be experienced in AR, VR and 360-degree. The library is growing everyday.

Structured Catalog

All assets are grouped in relevant categories covering a vast range of topics and subject matter.

Customized Lesson Plan

You can choose from our vast digital asset library to create the XR lessons you need

Secure Access

Only authorized users from your organization will have access to the digital asset library

Multiple Industries

Caters to multiple scenarios - classroom, industrial, or corporate


All assets created as part of the digital library are easy to experience in the form of immersive lessons and content.

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