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We keep the deployed solutions updated and relevant

Our AR and VR solutions and applications are offered with our cost-effective long-term support and upgrade services. Like other areas of technology, XR landscape is also evolving rapidly. Through our support services, we roll-out upgrades and updates to the deployed AR/VR solutions to ensure they stay relevant and continue to meet your business needs.


Continuous enhancements to deployed XR solutions through our long-term support and upgrade services. ​

Deploying Models

Deploying Models

Deploying Models

Features of our Support Services

We provide long term support services as your true XR partner.


Implement continuous enhancements to the deployed AR/VR solutions

New XR Content

New XR content is added to meet additional learning, training and instructional needs

Enhanced XR Experiences

New XR experiences in the form of device specific or device agnostic AVR applications

Dedicated Support Team

Dedicated support team will be assigned to provide long-term support and upgrade services

Support Methodology

We use proven tools and processes to support our clients and deployed solutions

Required Training

Additional trainings on need-basis will be provided during major upgrades and enhancements impacting user experiences

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imaginX is your trusted, long-term partner working with you to assess, identify, plan, build, deploy and improve XR experiences customized specifically to your needs.

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