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Using AR & VR in Sales & Marketing

imaginX’s Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for sales and marketing offer a wide range of applications such as product demos, virtual tours of facilities, simulation of machines, interiors, and various target objects and processes. These solutions support your product and brand marketing and sales activities leading to increased revenues.




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Use Cases & Solutions for Sales & Marketing

Our solutions meet the specific sales and marketing needs of from various industry verticals.


Virtual Tours

Virtual tour of real estate projects, office spaces, homes, and campuses help you showcase your facilities to your prospective clients in an engaging manner. In-person onsite visits sometimes may not be possible promptly and this is when virtual tour comes to the rescue. See the video. Simulation of real estate projects (see the video) and a building (see the video) even before it is built is another form of virtual reality tour that can be used to attract the attention of your clients.


AVR Application with Image & QR Code Scanning

This AVR Application allows users to use their mobile phones and iPads to scan the image and/or QR code of an object and experience it in AR & VR. Interactive UI for exceptional user experience; easily switch between QR code and image scanning. Great use for your marketing and sales team to promote and display products. See the video.


Simulation & Dissection

This AVR application allows one to experience the simulation and dissection of an object or equipment via 3D visualization that enhances user experience; great use for promoting and displaying your products. Your clients can experience simulation of the device and the parts that constitute the overall product. Each part of the device is shown isolated, at the same time, where it fits on the whole device. See the video.


imaginX builds XR content and digital assets that can be used for sales and marketing activities helping you promote and showcase your products and offerings to prospective clients.

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