Since the pandemic, the learning experience has grown sedentary as staring at screens for longer timeframes and trying to absorb information without interaction proves to be stressful. But what if students were given immersive experiences, like those found in video games, that would encourage them to learn more and instill a desire to want to learn more?   

Some people learn primarily through seeing (visual) and others primarily learn through hearing (auditory) or by doing (kinetic). While this may be true for most people, people learn the best when all three of these elements are at play. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can stimulate all three senses, allowing anyone to learn faster than they normally could. These "eXtended Reality" (XR) technologies can aid students in visualizing concepts and learning new skills and factual knowledge in a fun and interactive way. 

Transforming Hands-on Learning:

XR can help create a one-of-a-kind active learning experience in the new hybrid platform, pushing it to the next level. XR can promote student learning by promoting creative thinking, offering effective learning, encouraging learning by doing, and generating inspiring, engaging, and intriguing learning environments, even despite its high price, potential physical dangers, and accessibility concerns. In comparison to traditional approaches, students absorb and remember a lot more. 

A news article published on Tech Learning describes how a school in a rural district of Kentucky is making use of XR to teach students: https://www.techlearning.com/how-to/how-its-done-techs-gone-country-arvr-in-rural-ed. 

When a subject is easily understood by a student, then the chances of achieving success increases, resulting in more opportunities to acquire better jobs that they are interested in. In fact, a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers says that by 2030, AR and VR will provide 23 million employment opportunities. You can read the report here:

Improving the lifelong learning experience from Enrollment to Retention to Persistence to Graduation:

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How can you create an engagement plan that benefits your students from their first interactions all the way to their graduation? ImaginX provides XRPaaS, a structured education system. This XR technology platform is user-friendly for both faculty and students, as it covers the entire student lifecycle, from enrollment to retention, persistence, and graduation. The imaginX’s XRPaaS student lifecycle aids in the conceptualization and implementation of the platform to engage every student and meet them where they are to achieve positive outcomes.

Putting in place a world-class Learning Management System to improve the student and teacher experience while also enabling for teaching and learning breakthroughs. The university's core student administration system will be improved and replaced to help students go from enrollment through graduation. XR technologies have the potential to make learning more effective, exciting, and relevant in today's tech-driven culture. 

iX Learning Management System

- Faculty can navigate in their existing LMS platform​
- Programs and courses will be per the existing structure​
- Faculty can deploy courses based on student enrollment ​
- Students will use the same existing structure to access XR content

XR for Enrollment-Online Admission Application

Uses of Online Admission Application- View Courses in VR.

-A virtual tour of the entire campus can be viewed.
-This feature can be used to show the entire curriculum.
-It has the power to move students to virtual labs and classrooms.
-We can show the student all the collage's facilities with a single click.
-We can take the student on a journey from the enrollment to graduation, encompassing the campus and the curriculum.

XR for Retention to Persistence to Graduation

Define Student success

-Monitor student progress regarding academic goals.
-Checklist to see if kids are on the right track.
-XR content can be tailored to help students stay on course.

Warning signs/early alert

-Connect and Engage- iX will connect with the advisors or professors.​
-Assist with the creation of XR lesson plans.​

Course completion time

-Timeline to complete certification can be significantly reduced by using XR.

Central Academic library

XR content personalized to each student's learning interests and pace, as well as in multiple languages.

AR, VR and MR may be able to assist you with whatever you want to learn in your daily life. In the future, XR will be used to improve all forms of training, from elementary schools all the way to the university level, promoting lifelong learning and even corporate training. XR technologies have the potential to make learning more effective, exciting, and relevant in today's tech-driven culture.

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