imaginX Collaborates to Offer Enriched Learning Experiences for Canvas Users

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With emerging possibilities for using VR for several use-cases such as Higher Education, imaginX will help clients integrate exclusive XR content with Canvas as an outcome of close collaboration between the entities. It will drive an “on-the-edge” perspective for enriched choices in learning aligned with the Canvas offering.


With newer dimensions in course levels and a range of choices for imparting learning, students look at topic-level comprehension with an end-to-end learning advantage. It offers a higher level of engagement that helps organize, view, and share course content in real-time, making It easier to access the desired learning items from a repository of knowledge.



Canvas LMS users can now access integrated XR content produced by imaginX for Higher Education. The alliance enables intensive content aggregation encompassing focused and well-targeted areas of learning. The student can choose an IQ level and opt for help from a learning assistant.


An intuitive application or portal is not complete without dashboards that offer powerful insights with intuitive data visualization. As a student progresses on specific modules, the XRPaaS platform would help Canvas users run assessments and reports accordingly.


An intuitive application or portal is incomplete without dashboards delivering powerful insights with intuitive data visualization. A dynamic view offers a sneak peek to make inferences from collated data. imaginX is pleased to note the partnership offers a seamless and effective XR learning model – to enable students to make the most of out of Canvas LMS.


For a completely immersive journey, Canvas addresses the long-standing challenge of not involving students in the learning process.

  • Improved grading and evaluation of learning outcomes with active real-time data
  • XR-generated content based on well-defined topic with specific depth of a subject
  • Game-changing scope for blended learning with Canvas’ out-of-box capabilities
  • Custom content modules based on student comprehension and choice of course
  • Extension of unique imaginX capabilities to Canvas for enriching the LMS platform

The iX platform integrated with Canvas, will continue to drive transformation in modern learning and training. Engagement levels are set to improve, combined with intuitive evaluation and assessment methods in the VR learning space.


Please reach us to explore more exciting features and multi-faceted XR possibilities across different VR/AR learning models.

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