Leveraging Extended Reality (XR) for Impactful User Journeys

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The advent of digital era and the scope for rapid innovation will see Virtual Reality and Extended Reality combine to present a better experience to the customers engaged by diverse verticals and service areas. For instance, customers can develop the same impression of a product in a virtual world identical to that in a physical setting.

Businesses that want to deliver realistic experiences are investing in XR and VR solutions – thereby cementing branding reputation and awareness. Based on a report from a renowned Market Research body, the XR market is poised to attain a value of US$ 125.2 billion from its previous valuation of US$ 33 billion in 2021.

XR saw the light of the day with gaming and entertainment media but is quickly expanding its horizons to augment more commercially viable verticals or service areas - Architecture, Engineering, Medicine, and Aeronautics – and the list continues.

Extended Reality: Expanded Possibilities

Customer engagement rates will increase once brands start to use XR technology as a part of their marketing strategies. Extended Reality offers intuitive portability to move customers virtually to different places – thereby boosting cumulative engagement rates. imaginX has brought a world of possibilities with development of key offerings around Extended Reality through a unique set of innovations meant for a host of possibilities. imaginX caters to some critical and significant real-life use-cases including learning and education.

A VR Powered Immersive Architecture

A Virtual Reality Education System (VRES) brings a superior XR experience to one and all learners. Designed and tested across devices or platforms, the VRES manifests as a comprehensive yet purpose-driven learning and education ecosystem of its own. It is compatible across different SIS, LMS, or Customer Relations Systems for parents like the e-School, Moreover, the setup is well compatible across all or most of the emerging technologies – IoT, Cloud, the blockchain, AI, ML, and RealityPlus capabilities.

  • A unified learning and education system fulfilling futuristic academic and intellectual needs
  • Accessible and seamless programs delivered by high-definition media in all viable reality formats
  • An assortment of ‘Realities’ to choose: Blended, 360-degree, Virtual, Panoramic, and Augmented
  • Deliverable across devices with differing configurations running on diverse operating platforms
  • Enabling student success and delight through flawless enrollment, retention, and graduation
  • One-to-One or group forms of lessons or course sessions in line with selected mode of learning

Self-Paced Learning:

XR allows the manifestation of learning content with the near-perfect simulation of the class environment and core modules. The easy-to-navigate VRES environment powered by detailed configurations and reality features helps students complete their tasks or learning assignments in a solitary engagement or as a group activity.

  • Interact with personal device to complete exams, visit library, and take lab-based practical exercises
  • A detailed feedback data on learning outcomes collected from real-time assessments and actions
  • A virtual graduation ceremony and a permanent affiliation to dedicated VR for alumni interaction
  • Instant recap of a course or topic with an instant choice made from XR-powered control panel
  • Virtual compartments and learning apparatus such as Google Cardboard or a VR Cube facilities

Workforce Training

As factories and industrial units install, operate, and handle new and sophisticated equipment, it calls for a comprehensive set or rules on following safety and precautionary measures. With our innovation in delivering safety training through Digital Twin, workers have undergone real-time training in following safety norms with real-time VR simulations and case-driven scenarios for precisely different floor plans and distinct set of equipment.

  • Attain levels of safety standards to comply with government and regulatory norms
  • Helps workers have an AR/VR assistance with the Digital Twin on possible scenarios
  • Custom integration with user interfaces connected with simulated learning pathways
  • Collaborative and cross-functional training involving teams from different sites/units
  • Focus on training across different verticals – transportation, energy, and healthcare.
  • AR/VR manifestation of industrial objects for an easy-to-absorb and fun experience

The VRES will shape the course of EdTech for students of the New Age. Revolutionizing corporate trainings on safety and industrial safety, our Digital Twin option offers scope for training of workers with a fun-filled approach. This helps make the most of modern tools and inventions with immersive journeys powered by XR innovation.

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