Why Virtual Reality Training is an efficient approach?

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According to numerous studies, you forget 90% of what you read in a month and 70% of what you read in a day. To improve existing skills and thrive in the present environment, learning is extremely crucial. Teaching and training students and employees through immersive digital technologies are essential for business and academic success in today's rapidly expanding global market.

Research has proven that the immersion of students in the virtual world enables them to learn better therefore VR has been proven to be effective in teaching and training. This is one of the main reasons why big enterprises, K-12 and higher-ed are investing more money in immersive experiences to stimulate better knowledge retention.

Broadcasting services with cutting-edge technology are not the solution but structuring them as a part of your everyday use and operations is the key to realizing the true return on investments.

imaginX has built several AR & VR solutions and assets to address various business requirements that needed innovative solutions. We have also created a structured education system using XR (XR Mobile App) making it user-friendly with minimum disruptions as aim to develop technology marvels in Augmented & Virtual Reality and to make it easily usable across all industry landscapes.

Let’s find out what is Virtual Reality?

It is a simulation-based experience that submerges the user in a wholly fictional or lifelike setting. There are also augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) also called extended reality (XR).

Although headset-free choices are increasingly accessible today, VR typically relies on a headset that offers visual, audio, and occasionally even physical sensations to provide a realistic experience for the user. By entering a VR room, a user or learner can also engage with a virtual environment.

The benefits of VR for training employees

1. VR takes the risk out of the equation:

Your highest priority when working with hazardous machinery and equipment should be the safety of your employees. What could be safer for a new employee than acquiring all the necessary knowledge before using the machinery?

imaginX has built an Augmented Reality App for the real-time detection of complex machinery and production equipment resulting in the identification and understanding of each part for precise handling and outcomes.

Employee training in virtual reality (VR) allows for in-depth learning. The advantage of being able to access the training at their convenience and complete the courses at their own pace is also available.

2. VR training is highly immersive:

This makes the learning process scalable and affordable. Because VR is so immersive, it not only makes the learning environment safer but also encourages greater knowledge retention and faster skill development.

To successfully integrate new concepts and skills, a VR learning method ensures that students can retake any sessions as often as needed.

Girish Prabhu

– CEO, imaginX

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